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E!1393 EUROENVIRON SECONWET: Second Generation of Constructed Wetlands in Southern Europe

E!2308 EUROENVIRON INDCONWET: Constructed wetlands for industrial wastewater treatment and water reuse

E!2983 EUROENVIRON TEXTILWET: Constructed Wetlands for Treating Textile Dyes

E! 2793 EUROENVIRON ECOREMETOUR: Ecoremediation methods for Tourist Facilities


ENV/SL/000557-LIMNOTOP “The Sustainable Rehabilitation of the Landfill Site”

EU – 5. in 6. OP

ALPENERGYWOOD - Together for the promotion of wood biomass INTERREG III B

BIOCOGEN - Biomass cogeneration network

BIOFAQs – Biofiltration and Aquaculture: an evaluation of substrate deployment within mariculture developments, Q5RS-2000-30305

BIOMERCURY – Worldwide remediation of mercury hazards through biotechnology, NMP2-CT-2004-505561

CABERNET (Concerted Action on Brownfield and Economic Regenration Network)

CASIROZ - The Carbon Sink Strength of Beech in a Changing Environment: Experimental Risk Assessment of Mitigation by Chronic Ozone Impact.

CoEPT – Comparability of the operation and evaluation protocols of European proficiency testing Schemes, GTC1-2002-73002

EMCO - Reduction of environmental risks, posed by emerging
contaminants through advanced treatment of municipal and industrial wastes,
INCO CT 2004-509199

EVISA – European Virtual Institute for Speciation Analysis for Improvement of Health, Food, Industry and Environment, GTC1-2002-73803

MERCYMS – An Integrated Approach to Assess the Mercury Cycling in the Mediterranean Basin), EVK3-CT-2002-00070

NAS-ARAMIS – Accidental Risk Assessment Methodology for Industries in the framework of SEVESO II, EVG1-CT-2001-00036

NATMAN – Nature-based Management of beech in Europe

QUA-NAS – Improving the Infrastructure for Metrology in Chemistry in the Candidate New Member States GTC1-2002-73003

SARIB, Sava River Basin: Sustainable Use , Management and Protection of Resources

SHAPE-RISK Sharing Experience on Risk Management (Health, Safety and Environment) to Prepare Future Industrial Systems

SPIN (Spatial Indicators for European Nature Conservation (EU peti okvirni program)

UMPIRE 631 - Understanding and Modeling of Plant–Soil Interactions in
the Rhizosphere Environment

Urban Soils as a Source and Sink for Pollution (EU peti okvirni program)

E38 Woody Root Processes

VIRM – The European Virtual Institute for Reference materials, G7RT-CT-2002-05104


HAZTRAIN - Hazardous waste management training programme, šifra IRL/04/B/F/PP-153225